The Mission

Our mission is to bring focus on forgotten dialects and people. Not everyone wants to learn Modern Standard Arabic, but the spoken Arabic. Not everyone wants to learn American English, but also British English. The same principle goes to all the spoken dialects around the world. It is time to bring attention to specific dialects that alot of people need.

The Vision

Maybe you are a musician, actor/actress, content creator or even flying to a country for business where you need to learn the spoken dialect of that country and the written language. GoDialect makes this vision come true.

The GoDialect Platform

Have you ever visited a country, where you thought that you had learned the language of that country, but it turned out they had a specific dialect that was impossible to learn beforehand? Well, we have certainly witnessed such situations. This is when the idea of GoDialect came into place.
We are expanding more and more to bring one-on-one tutoring of spoken dialects to higher levels. We keep on involving more dialects and recruiting more tutors that would like to teach their own spoken dialect to the world.
If you have any special request, then feel free to hit us an email!

The Team

Ali Matar

CEO and Founder of GoDialect

How It Works

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