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“You live a new life for every language you speak. If you know only one language, you live only once.”

– Czech proverb

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To start understanding and speaking Lebanese Arabic, I recommend you start watching Lebanese movies/series & listen to Lebanese music. Click on the links to find out about these.

Stop Learning MSA

MSA stands for Modern Standard Arabic.

And if you want to learn the Spoken Arabic, you're better off without MSA because it'll only hinder your progress. Just focus on one dialect.


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About Me.

My name is Ali Matar and I am an entrepreneur/teacher from Lebanon. I've started my YouTube journey few years back (that currently has 40k+ subscribers and at least 4 million views). It was the best decision I made in my life, because it led me to find my passion in what I want to do in life: bring value and happiness to people.

As the journey continued, I got bombarded with e-mails and DM's from people asking me to help them learn Lebanese Arabic. Since I was already passionate about it, it became my life mission and my aim to teach people how to speak Arabic like local Arabs and not just read and/or learn ''Fusha'' which is not a spoken language. And that's where our real story began.

Now I do this full-time and I love helping my students perfect the Lebanese Arabic language.

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Mario Gonzalez


"Ali is an outstanding teacher. He explains with clearness every detail of grammar topics and how the linguistic use operates. I highly recommend to take his lessons in every format he offers!"

Anastasia Cherkasova


"It is one of the best and most effective courses in Lebanese Arabic I managed to find after trying hundreds of sources! Mumtaaz!"

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